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Product Description The Silane Guard

Silane Guard - the best tool for auto body protection

Car owners because they want them, there was a machine, always good for a dental condition because it loses its appeal quickly because the modern coatings and is exposed недолговечными various damage and adverse environmental effects.

Today for representation for polishing a large amount of funds and other vehicles, body protection, but not all, of them effective and can be used to purchase. A universal tool for creating a protected exterior vehicle defects, the Japanese company we have created a versatile product experts Wilson Silane Guardsome liquid glass.

Composition and properties liquid glass application

Silane Guard are considered as a unique tool that you can use, and his only goal – surface elements auto painting bodywork. It is important to consider this and not machined parts that are required for drying after application оседала воздействовали dust and direct sunlight, of a different composition, may be comfortably loose paint surface. Also it only at zero temperature above +5 degrees.

When composition, energy production used this car in a Japanese company:

The price is acceptable and affordable for this product, therefore I may have to buy liquid glass all the owners of motor vehicles.

Dignity Silane Guard

Silane Dignity Guard

Japanese manufacturer to create a unique tool for the implementation of modern technologies for effective protection, the vehicle body which provides a few more polishing layer (layer thickness layer thickness of more than you might have liquid glass wax). This coating is very durable and long lasting.

Silane Guard applies однокомпонентным tools, so a very economical application of composition – 95 ml bottle is enough to handle two or three cars. This feature provides several layers of thin coating, protection, hood, doors, roof and other parts, various defects. Silane Guard simple, easy-to-use product apply any body to make items, and polishing.

As well as excellent security features product, view the incredible sparkle and luxury Japanese manufacturer's, the rest about a year. Organic silicon is silicon dioxide, which provides you with the tools enters the special power of the film. In this way, a given layer, there is a continuous water-proof effect.

Application Silane Guard especially often means мойках machine expert. When mechanical, chemical reagents or the paint is exposed to be hand washed contactless or alkaline detergent, that disrupts the structure a protective layer more dense, why seemingly minor scratches and cracks. To avoid these problems, you should use liquid glass for a time.

Silane Guard such as having positive features:

Before use, and then Silane Guard

Before and after use, Silane 1 Guard Before and after use, Silane 2 Guard Before and after use, the guard silane 3 Before and after use, Silane Guard 4

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The car is extremely prone to negative environmental effects, he wants to protect each owner of the vehicle for small scratches, cracks and chip the surface of the body. The increasing demand for Slovenia's quite normal so a different take Silane Guard. However, this product emerged on the world market relatively recently, it already drives to gain popularity across.

Remarkably, to buy this product to protect the body style of the vehicle cannot traditional shopping centres – only online and order only from reliable vendors. Direct collaboration with a Japanese company to our store, so we had a glass of the original liquid we buy a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. We apply cleverly thought-out pricing policy that is most appropriate and allows you to set an acceptable price, all products. In this case, the liquid glass can be ordered from us with a comfortable, fast and cheap Shipping In all the cities were held.

To buy Silane Guard delivered by the city to protect the body's automatic pricing tool by experts in important matters or to consult with our managers contact you – we will answer any questions you have and we will talk about help to buy order liquid glass product.